Gareth Icke – 3 Album Deal

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All 3 of Gareth Icke's albums, for only £10. (Normally £20)

3 (Recorded in 432hz), A Brand New Battle, and It Gets Worse At Night, all for only £10.

“Gareth Icke is a talented young singer/songwriter who writes well crafted songs of deep intelligence and sensitivity who has been making a name for himself on the grass roots circuit.” John Robb, Louder Than War

“This man has the world in his hands, and I for one wouldn't count him out of world domination, he is that good.” Sonic Observer

“The post punk pop (of Remember who you are) is a well produced showcase of Icke’s talent as a songwriter, not only is the melody one that wouldn’t sound out of place on national radio but the song is musically quite playful, employing pauses, breakdowns and a bridge that Coldplay or U2 would be proud of.”  Vectis Radar

''A bitter sweet album full of emotion and thought provoking lyrics, Gareth proves here that he is a major emerging songwriter, his music can stand up against the biggest names in the industry.'' Cool Manchester

“his voice is both soothing and plaintive and moves most powerfully when the music falls back into the quietude of simple guitar picking for accompaniment; creating the kind of ambivalent tension reminiscent of a Lord Byron poem or a David Sedaris essay. Even when he's singing about the kind of loneliness that gets worse at night, there's a strange hopefulness in his voice that reassures things will all work out alright in the end.” – Jasmine Anderson , Biocritics.

“The problem with being a failed musician is that whenever you find yourself listening to pure talent you feel jealous and perhaps a little nauseous as you realise that you’ll never be that good. As a failed musician, when I listen to Gareth Icke, I feel like I’m in the throes of death…..but it’s a happy death.” – Alex Baker, KERRANG!

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